Andrew Zeigler – Certified Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer

Certified Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer in Columbus, OH – Hello, I’m Andrew Zeigler, and I’m passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential through strength and conditioning. I am proud to serve as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and personal trainer at Self Made Training Facility Columbus.

With a background that includes extensive experience as a collegiate head strength and conditioning coach, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. My journey in sports performance training has been both enriching and rewarding, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with athletes of all ages, guiding them to optimize their body’s capabilities.

My approach to strength and conditioning is grounded in the belief that everyone, from aspiring young athletes to seasoned professionals, can benefit from a solid training regimen. I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of such programs, and I’m here to help you tap into your true potential.

For aspiring athletes, my aim is to be the guiding force that propels you to new heights. With a track record of assisting athletes in securing multiple D1 scholarships, I understand what it takes to help you gain that crucial competitive edge. My training isn’t just about pushing you harder; it’s about tailored, purposeful workouts that align with your athletic goals, ensuring you reach your peak performance.

But the beauty of strength and conditioning extends beyond the realm of sports. Training like an athlete doesn’t have to come to an end when your competitive career does. It’s a philosophy that can be seamlessly integrated into your adult life, helping you build lean muscle, torch body fat, and lead a life that’s not just healthier but also more fulfilling.

My programs are designed to enhance your functional capabilities, so you can conquer the daily challenges that life throws your way. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply someone looking to lead a more active, healthier lifestyle, my strength and conditioning training will equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

I’m not just a trainer; I’m a coach, a mentor, and a partner in your fitness journey. I’m committed to providing the support and guidance you need to accomplish your goals. Each client I work with receives personalized attention, as I understand that no two individuals are the same. Your unique needs, aspirations, and physical condition will shape the training program I create for you.

When you choose to work with me, you’re not just embarking on a fitness journey; you’re forging a path towards a stronger, healthier, and more capable version of yourself. I’m here to inspire, educate, and motivate you to push beyond your limits and achieve the results you desire.

Let’s start this transformative journey together. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete chasing scholarships or an adult looking to reclaim your athletic prowess, I’m here to guide you to a more functional, vibrant, and fulfilling life.

Let’s get to work!

Ant McCoy – Sports Performance Specialist in Columbus

Ant McCoy – Sports Performance Specialist in Columbus –

Hey there, I’m Ant McCoy, and I’m excited to be your sports performance specialist here at Self Made Training Facility Columbus. With over two decades of experience in youth sports coaching and a passion for helping athletes reach their full potential, I’m dedicated to helping you take your game to the next level.

My journey in the world of sports began over 20 years ago when I started coaching youth football. Since then, I’ve expanded my expertise to include basketball, soccer, softball, and baseball. Through countless seasons on the field and court, I’ve honed my skills as a coach, mentor, and motivator.

In addition to traditional team sports, I’ve also delved into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Over the past three years, I’ve immersed myself in the discipline, learning valuable lessons in discipline, technique, and mental fortitude. My experience in MMA has not only broadened my skill set but has also provided me with a unique perspective on sports performance and training.

As your sports performance specialist, my goal is to help you unlock your full potential as an athlete. Whether you’re striving to improve your speed, agility, strength, or endurance, I’ll work with you to develop a customized training program tailored to your specific goals and needs. From elite athletes looking to gain a competitive edge to aspiring amateurs seeking to excel in their sport, I’m here to provide the guidance, support, and expertise you need to succeed.

But my role extends beyond just physical training. I believe in fostering a holistic approach to sports performance, encompassing not only physical fitness but also mental resilience, nutritional guidance, and injury prevention. Together, we’ll address every aspect of your athletic development, empowering you to become the best athlete you can be.

So, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your sports journey, I invite you to join me at Self Made Training Facility Columbus. Let’s work together to unleash your full potential and achieve greatness on and off the field.

Billy Eakins – Personal Trainer in Columbus

Personal Trainer in Columbus  – Hey there! I’m Billy Eakins, a dedicated personal trainer at the Self Made Training Facility in Columbus. With a passion for functional mobility and a specialization in strength training, I help individuals—both the general population and athletes—unleash their full potential.

My journey into fitness and training was shaped by my experiences as a former professional football player. The discipline, commitment, and sheer drive that I cultivated on the field laid the groundwork for my transition into coaching. For the past five years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to apply my expertise and assist hundreds of clients in achieving their fitness aspirations.

My approach to training revolves around functional mobility, an aspect that I believe is integral to not just exercise but everyday life. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your athletic performance or seeking to improve your overall strength and well-being, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

My forte lies in tailoring workouts that cater to individual needs. Understanding that each person has unique goals, abilities, and limitations, I craft personalized training regimens that bring out the best in every client. It’s not just about lifting weights or hitting a target; it’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle that’s both fulfilling and empowering.

The satisfaction I derive from witnessing my clients surpass their own expectations is truly immeasurable. I firmly believe that progress is a journey, and I’m committed to being your partner throughout that journey, offering motivation, expertise, and encouragement.

Being a part of the Self Made Training Facility allows me to foster a community-driven environment, where support and encouragement are abundant. It’s not just a gym; it’s a place where goals are set, achievements are celebrated, and lasting transformations occur.

So, whether you’re an athlete looking to elevate your game or someone seeking to improve their strength and mobility, I’m here to help you realize your potential. Together, we’ll work on turning your fitness dreams into a reality.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Get ready to redefine your limits and unlock a fitter, stronger, and more capable version of yourself.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your fitness goals.

Billy Eakins

Billy Moritz – Sports Performance & Weight Loss Coach

Billy Moritz – Sports Performance & Weight Loss Coach –

Meet Billy Moritz, the driving force behind American Made Muscle and a trailblazing fitness expert with over two decades of experience. As the founder, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of physical excellence and have emerged as a premier trainer in the industry.

With a career spanning 20 years or more, I have worn many hats – from being a dedicated gym owner to training Hollywood celebrities, leaving an indelible mark on the fitness landscape. My journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, with highlights including features on NBC4, competing in bodybuilding at a national level, and showcasing my skills on the football field during my college years.

From an early age, fitness and powerlifting have been more than mere passions; they have been the driving forces shaping my life. This lifelong commitment has equipped me with a profound understanding of the human body and the dynamics of physical training. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone just beginning their wellness journey, I have tailored my expertise to cater to individuals of all types.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of training a diverse array of clients – women, men, the elderly, kids, athletes, figure models, bodybuilders, and those taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. This breadth of experience has not only honed my skills but has also allowed me to appreciate the unique needs and goals of each individual.

What sets me apart is not just my extensive knowledge and experience but also the element of fun I infuse into every training session. Fitness should be an enjoyable and empowering journey, and I strive to make each interaction a positive and uplifting experience. My approach goes beyond traditional training; it’s about building a connection with my clients and guiding them towards success with enthusiasm and dedication.

Embark on your fitness journey with me, and together, we’ll sculpt a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant version of yourself. With Billy Moritz at the helm, American Made Muscle is not just a fitness destination; it’s a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary.

Cody McClung – Personal Trainer in Columbus

Personal Trainer – My name is Cody McClung.I am a trainer at Self Made Columbus and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned during my fitness journey with you.To start things off, here is some history:- Formerly 300lbs. / ~35-40% body fat.- Mental state status: AwfulI had to make a choice.I had a family I was responsible for.I had my life to live, and stop coasting.I was living by default.After tons of support and self-investment we moved forward.”If nothing changes, nothing changes.”Highlights and current status:- Affiliated with 1st Phorm- Affiliated with Restless Souls Apparel- Husband and Father- Lowest 205lbs. / ~16% body fat.During my fitness journey, I have spent countless hours carving out the BS that seems to be overtaking the fitness industry. I’ve dedicated years to learning and practicing how to apply real and practical techniques to training in order to get results and stay healthy.Simply put, my goal is to bring my clients “Practicality to progress.”On the practical aspect, I recognize that your journey doesn’t strictly mean the gym, and I know that plenty of life happens outside of the gym walls – so I work with individuals to invest in their habits and nutrition.I am here to show you the applicative techniques that I’ve discovered, build muscle, build confidence, change your life, and show you how to invest and show up for yourself.Since you’re reading this already, that means you’re at least considering investing in your best self.Contact me, and let’s get to work.

Cordell Grube – Strength Coach in Columbus

Personal Trainer in Columbus –

I’m Cordell, your one stop shop for all of your personal training needs. With seven years in the fitness industry, Bachelors in Exercise Science, and NASM certified trainer in my arsenal, I am designed to accomplish and surpass your fitness goals.

What sets me apart from the rest? I know what works and what doesn’t, I ensure every exercise in my programs is tested on myself to deem it purposeful. I had torn my ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus playing football in high school, resulting in months of rehabilitation. During that time, I gained 50 pounds and had to relearn how to walk and run. I was devastated that I couldn’t do my life’s work at the time and continued to gain weight until I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. When I was told my athlete days were over, I decided to do my own research and treat myself. Since then, I played football during my entire college career and defied what the doctors said I couldn’t do. After doing the research I have now found my love and purpose to help as many people as possible and furthering my knowledge in understanding and treating different injuries or issues to give back their lives.

I am experienced in weight loss, removal of medication, nutrition and meal planning, rehabilitation, strength training, bodybuilding, boxing, athletic performance, and powerlifting. My approach to training touches a safe, methodical way with scientific elements to further strengthen your body and mind. Using my experiences coupled with unrivaled determination I will make it my personal objective to conquer each goal.

My philosophy is that if you can move, you can exercise. If you’re ready to embark on your fitness journey that will change your life, contact Cordell today. Don’t hesitate, it’s time to create a better you!

Derek Troyer – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer in Columbus – What’s up! I’m Derek Troyer, a passionate sports performance coach dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential and achieve greatness on and off the field. With a deep love for sports and a background in exercise science, I have spent years honing my skills and knowledge to empower athletes to unlock their body’s true potential and building a warrior mindset.

My journey into the world of sports performance began early in life. As a young athlete, I was drawn to the power of training and conditioning, realizing that the right guidance and techniques could significantly enhance performance. This realization sparked my desire to hone my craft to help athletes reach their full potential.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with athletes from various sports, ranging from aspiring young talents to seasoned professionals. Each experience has taught me the unique demands of different sports and the personalized approach required to bring out the best in every athlete. From basketball to soccer, from football to track and field, I’ve honed my coaching techniques to suit the specific needs of each sport and individual.

My coaching philosophy centers on developing power, speed and building crazy bounce and explosiveness for all athletes that are looking to make a path towards their dreams. I firmly believe that success is not just about physical prowess but also mental fortitude and locking in your mindset. I work closely with my athletes to identify their strengths and weaknesses, creating customized training programs that optimize their performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Moreover, I emphasize the importance of nutrition, mobility, and recovery to ensure their bodies and minds are in peak condition.

Beyond the technical aspects of coaching, I take pride in being a mentor and a motivator. I strive to build strong connections with my athletes, inspiring them to win the daily battles and embrace the challenges that come their way. I find immense joy in witnessing their growth, not only as athletes but also as individuals who learn the value of dedication, hardwork, and perseverance.

When I’m not on the field, you can often find me playing basketball and volleyball, or gaming. I also love to keep myself in the lab, and stay updated with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the industry. My passion for learning ensures that I’m always equipped with innovative and evidence-based strategies to optimize my athletes’ performance and transformation.

In the world of sports, there’s always room for improvement, and that’s where I thrive. As a strength and performance coach, I am dedicated to empowering athletes to surpass their limits and achieve feats they once deemed impossible. Together, we embark on a journey of growth, determination, and success, and I’m committed to transforming my high school, college and professional athletes into warriors on and off the court.

Dylan Salyers – Personal Trainer in Columbus

Personal Trainer in Columbus

Hey there, I’m Dylan Salyers with Armored Training! I am a dedicated personal trainer at Self Made Training Facility Columbus. With over six years of experience in the fitness industry, my passion for helping individuals reach their fitness goals runs deep. I specialize in muscular endurance training, and my ultimate aim is to empower people to look and feel their best in their own skin while using fitness as a catalyst for overall life improvement.

My journey into the world of fitness began more than a decade ago when I embarked on a military career. The discipline, dedication, and physical challenges I encountered during my time in the military profoundly shaped my approach to training and my commitment to helping others. It was during this period that I realized the transformative power of fitness in not only enhancing physical strength but also improving mental resilience and overall well-being.

I hold a certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a testament to my commitment to staying at the forefront of fitness knowledge and ensuring that I provide the best possible guidance to my clients. This certification enables me to create personalized fitness programs tailored to individual needs and goals, whether it’s shedding excess weight, building muscle, or improving overall endurance.

My specialization in muscular endurance training stems from my belief that true fitness goes beyond just aesthetics. While looking great is undoubtedly a fantastic outcome of consistent training, I’m more interested in helping you cultivate the strength and endurance that will serve you well in all aspects of life. Whether it’s conquering daily tasks with ease or tackling physical challenges head-on, building muscular endurance lays a solid foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At Self Made Training Facility Columbus, I’m not just your trainer; I’m your partner in achieving your fitness dreams. I’ll be there every step of the way, providing guidance, motivation, and unwavering support. Together, we’ll set and surpass your fitness goals, ensuring that you achieve results that extend far beyond the gym.

My mission is simple: to transform lives through fitness. I believe that everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves, and I’m here to help you unlock that potential. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-improvement, both inside and out, I invite you to take the first step with me. Let’s work together to make your fitness goals a reality, and let’s make every day a step closer to the best version of you.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you on your fitness journey!

Edwardo Dominguez – Boxing & Conditioning coach

Edwardo Dominguez – Boxing & Conditioning Coach – Hey there! I’m Edwardo Dominguez, your go-to guy for all things boxing and conditioning. With 17 years of hardcore experience in the sweet science, I’ve seen the inside of the ring more times than I can count, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

My journey into the world of boxing began when I was just a kid with a fire in my belly and a pair of gloves that felt like they were made just for me. From those early days of training in the sweaty gyms of my hometown to coaching professional boxers in the big leagues, I’ve lived and breathed this sport every step of the way.

At Self Made Training Facility Columbus, I bring my passion and expertise to the table as a certified personal trainer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your skills or a newcomer eager to step into the ring for the first time, I’ve got you covered.

As a boxing coach, I specialize in conditioning—because let’s face it, you can have all the talent in the world, but if you’re not in top physical shape, you’re fighting a losing battle. I’ll push you to your limits and then some, helping you build the strength, speed, and stamina you need to dominate in the ring.

But my approach goes beyond just physical conditioning. Boxing is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, and I’m here to help you master both. From honing your technique to developing a champion’s mindset, I’ll be with you every step of the way, pushing you to reach heights you never thought possible.

So whether you’re looking to unleash your inner beast or simply want to get in the best shape of your life, let’s lace up those gloves and get to work. With dedication, discipline, and a whole lot of heart, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Jason Bai – Personal Trainer and Mentor

“Hi, I’m Jason, an ACE Certified personal trainer at Self Made Training Facility, located in the vibrant city of Columbus, Ohio. Currently pursuing my education at The Ohio State University, I am deeply passionate about fitness and helping clients achieve their goals while enjoying the journey.

At Self Made, I specialize in creating personalized programs that prioritize both fat burning and muscle building. With a strong belief in sustainable and enjoyable approaches to fitness, I steer clear of crash dieting or restrictive eating plans. Instead, I focus on developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle that promotes long-term success.

My training philosophy revolves around making fitness fun and engaging. I firmly believe that when you enjoy your workouts, you are more likely to stay committed and achieve lasting results. With a creative and dynamic approach to training, I design workouts that are challenging yet enjoyable, incorporating a variety of exercises and techniques tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether your goal is to alleviate pain and improve your quality of life or enhance your physical appearance, I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. I understand that each individual is unique, and I take the time to listen and understand your aspirations, limitations, and preferences to create a customized fitness plan that fits your lifestyle.

Beyond the gym, I strive to create a supportive and motivating environment where clients can feel empowered and confident in their fitness journey. I believe in fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie, where everyone can celebrate their achievements together.

If you’re ready to embark on a fitness journey that is both effective and enjoyable, I am excited to be your partner at Self Made Training Facility. Together, we will work towards your goals, burning fat, building muscle, and achieving the results you desire while having fun along the way. Let’s transform your body and improve your overall well-being – get in touch today to start your fitness transformation with me, Jason, at Self Made Training Facility.”

Jim Cash – Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach, I have dedicated my career to helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels to achieve their goals and optimize their physical performance. With over a decade of experience in personal training, I have developed a deep understanding of the human body and its capabilities, and I am committed to helping my clients move better, feel better, and look better.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with professional and collegiate athletes across a wide range of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and track and field. By designing customized training programs tailored to each athlete’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals, I have helped them to achieve peak physical condition and perform at their best on game day.

In addition to working with athletes, I have also helped countless clients of all fitness levels to achieve their desired physique and improve their overall health and wellness. Whether they were looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve their functional movement, I have leveraged my expertise and experience to design personalized training programs that deliver real results.

At the core of my approach to fitness and training is a deep commitment to understanding the unique needs and goals of each of my clients. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fitness, and that the most effective training programs are those that are tailored to each individual’s unique body type, fitness level, and goals. By taking a personalized approach to training, I am able to help my clients achieve their goals faster and with less risk of injury.

In addition to designing personalized training programs, I also place a strong emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle factors that can impact physical performance and overall health. By educating my clients on the importance of proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management, I am able to help them make lasting changes that not only improve their fitness, but also enhance their overall quality of life.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, or simply someone who wants to feel and look your best, I am here to help you achieve your goals. With my expertise and experience in strength and conditioning, as well as my dedication to personalized training and holistic wellness, I am confident that I can help you unlock your full potential and achieve the fitness and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Jonathan Nossa – Personal Trainer

Introducing Jonathan Nossa: Your Dedicated Personal Trainer and 1st Phorm Sponsored Trainer at Self Made Training Facility in Columbus, Ohio.

Are you ready to transform your fitness journey and achieve your fat loss goals? Look no further! I am Jonathan Nossa, an experienced personal trainer, and I am here to guide you on your path to success.

At Self Made Training Facility, I am proud to be affiliated with 1st Phorm as a Sponsored Trainer. This partnership allows me to provide you with top-of-the-line training techniques, personalized nutrition plans, and expert advice on supplements to optimize your results. With my knowledge and the support of this renowned brand, we will take your fitness journey to new heights.

I understand that achieving your fitness goals is not limited to the time you spend in the gym. That’s why I go beyond just training sessions. I am passionate about helping you create a sustainable and balanced lifestyle that extends outside of our training sessions. Together, we will focus on developing healthy nutrition habits and making positive changes in your daily routine. By addressing these crucial aspects, you’ll experience success not only during our sessions but also at home.

To cater to your busy lifestyle and offer additional support, I provide online training capabilities through a convenient nutrition and workout app. This cutting-edge tool allows you to track your progress, access customized workouts, and receive nutritional guidance anytime, anywhere. It serves as a valuable resource for accountability, ensuring that you stay motivated and stay on track towards your goals. Regardless of your experience level, this app will keep you engaged and inspired throughout your fitness journey.

With my expertise, personalized approach, and the added convenience of online training, together we will surpass your fitness expectations. I am committed to helping you unlock your full potential, both physically and mentally. Your success is my priority.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey? Take the first step by contacting me today. Let’s work together to unleash your true potential, optimize your fat loss goals, and create a lasting foundation for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Jonathan Nossa – Your Partner in Fitness Success.

How much does it cost per session?

$50 per session. That includes in person training. Nutrition and workout app to track progress and 24/7 contact with me.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in weight loss, nutrition, and muscle building. Nutrition and building muscle is the key to longevity whether you're 20 or 60 years old.

Joshua Vaughn – Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer – Joshua Vaughn is a highly accomplished and versatile fitness professional, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. His expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, including varsity coaching, powerlifting, endurance athletics, and diverse training modalities.With a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals, Josh’s coaching journey began as a varsity coach, where he honed his skills in designing tailored workout programs for athletes of various levels. Through his guidance, countless individuals have reached their full potential and achieved exceptional results.Josh’s commitment to strength training led him to excel in the world of powerlifting. His disciplined approach, combined with his in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and training techniques, enabled him to break personal records and inspire others to push their limits. His dedication to continuous improvement makes him a sought-after mentor in the powerlifting community.Beyond powerlifting, Josh is an avid participant in endurance athletics. Whether it’s completing marathons, triathlons, or obstacle course races, he thrives on the mental and physical challenges that these events present. His experience in endurance training has provided him with valuable insights into optimizing performance and enhancing overall fitness.In addition to his extensive fitness background, Joshua has also excelled in the U.S. Army. His time in the military has fostered discipline, resilience, and leadership skills that he applies to his fitness coaching. His ability to motivate and inspire individuals is rooted in his military experience, as he understands the importance of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance.As a multifaceted fitness professional, Joshua has the expertise to teach a variety of training modalities. From weightlifting and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to functional training and bodyweight exercises, he possesses a well-rounded skill set that allows him to cater to the unique needs and goals of his clients.Josh’s unwavering commitment to fitness, combined with his extensive experience in coaching, powerlifting, endurance athletics, and military service, make him a true asset to anyone seeking to achieve their fitness goals and unlock their full potential.

Michael Billman – Personal Trainer in Columbus

I’m Michael Billman, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Self Made Training Facility Columbus team as a Personal Trainer. Since May of 2021, I’ve channeled my passion and expertise into helping individuals achieve their fitness aspirations, specializing in a diverse array of training modalities.

My fitness journey has been one marked by a deep-rooted commitment to diverse training disciplines. I bring to the table a breadth of experience in strength training, muscle building, athleticism, endurance, long-distance running, and the exhilarating world of obstacle course training.

My approach to fitness is multifaceted. I believe in the power of strength training to transform not only your physique but also your mental resilience. Strength training is more than just lifting weights; it’s about building a foundation of power, stability, and endurance that empowers you in all aspects of life.

Muscle building is an art that requires precision and dedication. It’s about sculpting your body to its maximum potential, pushing boundaries, and redefining what’s possible. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, I’m here to guide you through a program that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Athleticism is a quality that transcends specific sports. It’s about enhancing agility, speed, power, and coordination. I’m here to help you elevate your athletic prowess, enabling you to excel in your chosen sport or simply in your day-to-day life.

Endurance and long-distance running have been a significant part of my personal fitness journey. I understand the mental and physical demands these activities place on the body. Whether you’re aiming to conquer your first 5K or aiming to push the boundaries of your endurance in longer distances, I’m here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Obstacle course training embodies the fusion of strength, agility, and mental grit. Tackling these courses requires a unique set of skills, and I’m here to assist you in developing the strength and agility needed to conquer these challenges.

At Self Made Training Facility Columbus, I’ve found a home—a place that echoes my passion for fitness and a community that shares the same dedication to self-improvement. It’s more than just a gym; it’s a place where individuals come together to chase their fitness goals in an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

My training programs are tailored to fit your unique needs and goals. I understand that each individual is on a distinct fitness journey, and I’m here to craft a plan that resonates with your aspirations and lifestyle.

My ultimate goal is not just to guide you through physical transformations but also to instill in you a sense of empowerment, resilience, and confidence that extends far beyond the gym walls.

I’m not just a trainer; I’m a partner in your fitness journey. I’m committed to providing the guidance, support, and motivation needed to help you achieve your fitness ambitions.

Let’s team up and work together towards a healthier, stronger, and more empowered you.

Mike Baker – Personal Trainer in Columbus

Personal Trainer in Columbus – Hey there, I’m Mike Baker, your go-to personal trainer for unlocking your full fitness potential. With over a decade of experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and ACSM Exercise Physiologist certification under my belt, I’m here to help you crush your fitness goals.My love for fitness ignited during my college years when I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for my deep understanding of the science behind exercise and nutrition. I knew I wanted to do more, so I became a certified ACSM Exercise Physiologist, ensuring I can provide you with top-notch, science-backed guidance.My journey took an exciting turn when I decided to challenge myself by entering the NPC physique competitions. I’ve proudly competed in six of these events, pushing my body and mind to the limits. These experiences have given me invaluable insights into what it takes to transform your physique, and I’m excited to share that knowledge with you. I believe that fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your goals are unique, and your fitness journey should reflect that. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, shed pounds, boost endurance, or enhance overall health, I’ll create a personalized workout and nutrition plan tailored specifically to you.I’m not just a trainer; I’m your partner on this journey. My passion for fitness is contagious, and my commitment to your success is unwavering. Together, we’ll uncover your incredible potential, one workout at a time.If you’re ready to take control of your health and experience a transformation like no other, I’m here for you. My extensive knowledge, decade-long experience, and unbridled dedication to your success make me your ultimate fitness companion.Reach out today to schedule a consultation, and let’s embark on a fitness journey that will leave you feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before. Together, we’ll turn your fitness goals into a reality!

Mike Witter – Dedicated Personal Trainer in Columbus

Dedicated Personal Trainer in Columbus – About Transcend Strength & Stability


It’s about building a life and lifestyle where fitness, wellness, and wholeheartedness come together. It’s about building strength and stability in and out of the gym. It’s about moving through resistance, pushing past limitation, and what happens when you invest in yourself and create the stability you deserve.

I’m a weight loss specialist, but serve a wide variety of different athletes. Some pursue goals related to muscle hypertrophy and gaining size and mass, others have aesthetic goals and aim to build a body that gives them confidence. Whatever your goals, I have your back.

I believe in developing a clear understanding of your needs and goals, and building from wherever you are using a strengths-based approach.

I value mindfulness: mindful shopping, mindful eating, and mindful movement as part of a well-designed strength training program. I believe time spent in restful alertness brings benefits both in and out of the gym, on the body and the mind.

I view training, nutrition, and building a healthy lifestyle as important in promoting good mental health and wellness. Prioritizing good mental wellbeing is not an afterthought when it comes to fitness–in fact, it can be a primary reason you lift. There are numerous benefits to exercise and strength training including self-regulation and improved mood, building self esteem, increased energy, improved endurance, among others. I will hold you accountable, but from a place of support and non-judgment, always finding ways to bring your awareness back to your goals.

As your trainer, I’d be thrilled to join and guide you–wherever you are on your fitness hero’s journey–in building a program that gives you the results and balance you’re seeking.

Mo Nayal – Personal Trainer in Columbus

Personal Trainer in Columbus – Welcome to Mo Muscle, your gateway to a transformed, stronger, and healthier you. I’m Mo Nayal, the driving force behind this personal training venture, and I’m thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you.

With seven years of dedicated training experience and a specialization in muscle gain and fat loss, I’m here to guide you on your fitness journey. What sets me apart? I’ve been there myself, experiencing an incredible transformation that saw me gain a remarkable 80 pounds, turning my thin and skinny physique into a robust, muscular one. I know the ups and downs, the doubts, and the triumphs that come with such a journey, and I’m here to share my expertise with you.

Based at the prestigious Self Made Training Facility in Columbus, Ohio, I’m committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re new to the fitness world or seeking to take your training to new heights, Mo Muscle is your perfect partner.

My approach combines the latest in scientific training techniques, personalized workout plans, and a focus on nutrition to help you reach your fitness aspirations. We’ll work together to sculpt your dream physique, boost your confidence, and uncover the strength you never knew you had.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a fitness journey that will change your life, contact Mo Muscle today. Let’s turn your aspirations into achievements and unleash the incredible potential within you. Your transformation starts here!

Warren Poling – ISSA Certified Trainer

Warren Poling is an experienced trainer with over six years of experience in the fitness industry. He has a passion for helping beginner and intermediate level individuals or groups achieve their fitness goals in a comfortable, fun, and challenging environment. Warren’s expertise lies in designing personalized training programs that cater to the unique needs and goals of his clients.
During training sessions, Warren prioritizes safety and maintains a well-paced environment that encourages his clients to achieve their fitness goals without risking injury. His training programs are tailored to produce effective and long-lasting results that promote overall health and well-being.
As a graduate of The Ohio State University, Warren holds a Bachelor of Science degree in health promotion, nutrition, and exercise science. Additionally, he has a certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in training. His extensive academic background and practical experience enable him to provide his clients with scientifically-based, customized training programs that are grounded in evidence-based principles.
Aside from helping his clients achieve their fitness goals, Warren emphasizes the importance of developing healthy habits that can be incorporated into their daily lives. His training philosophy is centered around empowering his clients with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their health and well-being for a lifetime.
Overall, Warren Poling is an experienced and dedicated fitness trainer who is committed to providing his clients with a safe, effective, and personalized training experience that promotes overall health and well-being.