Casey Davis – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer – Hello Hello I’m Casey D the man with the plan to get you right! I’m a US Navy Veteran of 7 years but an active athlete my whole life and still to this day. From endurance training to combat sports to bodybuilding and rock-climbing, I found many different directions in the world of health and fitness. Just like everyone has different tastes and abilities, so should your options for fitness, and I’m here to show you a plethora of ways to help achieve your goals! Whether it be strength, endurance, mobility, or weight loss/gain, my years as an Athletic competitor and Military PT Instructor will give you the tools you need for success. Sure you can figure out or YouTube your way into the gym, but when I wanted to properly learn how to weight train, wrestle or box, I hired a professional coach with years of expertise to teach me proper form, technique, education and support to safely and efficiently perform new moves my body isn’t used to. Fitness is a huge passion in my life, not because of the physical attributes you gain, but more because of the mental fortitude you can create!


As a Veteran I struggle with mental health, but that’s where my fitness has helped. I understand how it feels to be hopeless and drowning. It’s not easy to be open or to ask for help, but it also became a reason I became a personal trainer. I want to show others what is possible to accomplish with discipline, hard work and a strong support system guiding them to the finish line and beyond. To know I was able to help those gain their confidence and see a better outlook on who they are and what they can do is fulfilling. My passion for helping others and watching people succeed in ways they couldn’t imagine is why I do what I do. The Self-Made Training Facility has given me the space and tools to accomplish this on a bigger scale. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Contact me and we’ll get started TODAY!

Cheyenne Reid – NASM Personal Trainer

Hello there!! My name is Cheyenne and I’ve been a NASM personal trainer for over a year and I am a newbie trainer at Self Made in Columbus. I can’t wait to begin this new journey further helping women feel confident in themselves. I took a break from coaching, so I could learn more about myself and what I want to represent. I have struggled for years having a horrible relationship with food and body image. Now that I have accomplished those setbacks I want to encourage other women who struggle with finding balance in their life.

I offer in person coaching and online coaching with a heavy focus on strength, functional and mobility training. I specialize in stretch therapy to prevent injury and keep your muscles healthy before and after a session.

DM me at @cheyenneareid for your first FREE workout with me!

Donavin Spears – Certified ISSA Trainer

I am certified through ISSA and have been training since I was 12 years old myself. I am a national champion powerlifter so if strength training is your thing, look no further. Now I’m not just limited to strength training, I take anyone with any goal. Any age and any starting point, I can do it all and if there’s something I don’t know I will learn. So if you are ready to achieve your goals get in contact with me, I’m ready.

Jacob Sherman – Personal Trainer

My name is Jacob and I am the newest trainer at self made fitness. I used to be a wrestler in the Columbus area and placed at state, then went on to compete D1 for Kent State University. Once I retired from wrestling I looked into other forms of martial arts like boxing and mma to expand my knowledge. I view martial art and fitness in general as a express of oneself through discipline. Eventually I found my way back into the weightlifting world and have set goals on helping others to achieve their goals and find the same passion for the gym and the various things it offers as well. I have lots of experience in weight training at the highest level for athletes in all sports, as well as more recreational experience helping others in their weight loss journey. I hope to help people with all different types of goals to achieve success and have fun along the way!

Abraham (Abe) Bartlett – Personal Trainer

My name is Abraham (Abe) Bartlett and I am a certified personal trainer with a passion for helping individuals and families achieve their fitness goals.

As a youth strength and conditioning coach, I have extensive experience working with young athletes (ages 5+) to develop their strength, speed, and agility. I understand the unique needs of growing bodies and the importance of safe and effective training methods to prevent injury and promote growth, all while keeping the workout fun.

In addition to working with young athletes, I also specialize in helping those new to or those that need re-introduced to fitness and exercise. Starting a fitness journey can be overwhelming, but with my guidance and support, you will gain the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed. Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle, or simply looking for improved health, I am here to help.

Finally, I believe that fitness is a family affair. That’s why I offer full family fitness training, so you can work out with your loved ones and make fitness a fun and healthy habit for the whole family. I will customize each workout to meet the unique needs of each family member, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their training session.

Invest in yourself, your family and let’s work together to achieve your goals!

Dominic Racanelli – Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Dominic Racanelli. I am a PT that works for Mo Muscle LLC and trains out of the self made training facility in Hilliard, OH. Our programs are designed to help people reach their fitness goals, lead a healthier lifestyle, and challenge clients to push past their limits. The journey is not easy on your own. That is what Mo Muscle is for. Two trainers for the price of one. Myself & Mo train clients with all sorts of goals, ranging from losing weight, gaining muscle mass, and maintaining a healthy weight, all while having fun socializing and being apart of the Mo Muscle Family. We look to help people lose weight and build muscle with our strength and hypertrophy training programs. We also strive and teach how to perform exercise with correct form to limit/eliminate the risks of injury or overuse of muscles.

No more cardio for hours
No more 2 hour workouts
No more weird/fad diets

We want you to reach your goals, be happy and love life.

Check out my instagram @domracanelli or the mo muscle Facebook page to inquire more about becoming apart of the family.

Jack Henderson – Certified Personal Trainer

Hello my name is jack Henderson or as my clients call me coach Hen. I am a certified personal trainer and also a certified nutritionist.
I am currently attending I.S.S.A. sports science institute to become a corrective exercise specialist, exercise recovery specialist, strength and conditioning, and also a transformation specialist. I have coached youth sports for over ten years now it’s a truly a passion I have. I train kids ages 5-18 year round for all different sports. I have been working with adults for 4 years now an I found myself helping people alot not just physically but over all health. I too had to train an rehab alot .I had suffered a severe injury to my legs in 2017 which paralyzed me from the knees down for almost two years I trained an rehab non stop to get to where I am today so I also have a story to share . I’m easy to get along with an I take training serious I want to see the best results for my clients. I’m not just a trainer I’m a great father coach and overall person I look forward to making this a great situation for to train and get in shape .

Nick Orioli – Certified Strength Trainer

I am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with experience since 2017. From 2018 – 2023, I have worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for both NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets and MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals with focus’s on player performance development and injury rehabilitation. Since 2017, I have worked with local youth sports organizations, teams, and athletes on speed development, injury prevention, and sports performance development. Alongside training several individuals looking to reach weight loss or aesthetic goals through in-person and online training, I have worked for a few corporate training facilities such as Power Train Sports and OrangeTheory.

Shawn Davis – CPT & Nutrition Coach

My passion for health and fitness, coupled with my martial arts and military background, led me to becoming a certified personal trainer. I have 25 years of training experience which includes these martial art styles, Ju-jitsu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Shaolin Chin Na. I have trained and competed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, kick boxing, mixed martial arts, muay thai and boxing. While serving in the United States Navy I was a designated athletics petty officer, which meant I was responsible for making sure that my shipmates were able to pass their PT test regularly. I strongly believe in the necessity for an active lifestyle, encompassing a balance of all the components of health and fitness which includes proper nutrition and supplementation. Over the years, it has given me great satisfaction to pass along my existing knowledge and enthusiasm with the highest standard of service, safety and professionalism to those wanting to adopt a lifestyle of physical and mental well-being. Health and fitness is not just empty activity. It is a way of life and a state of mind. The human body is a fascinating creation. We are all capable beings and have the potential to be and do whatever we put our minds to. Unfortunately, we experience barriers in our lives that halt us and slow us down from reaching our desired goals. Allow me to help you leap over and burst through those barriers, and together we can reach those goals you have always desired.